Monday, January 4, 2010

A new year...

On New Year's Eve, we got together with some friends and went to dinner with some of our friends at Loca Luna, one of my favorite LR restaurants!

After dinner Cara and Chance invited everyone over to their house. It was so fun!
Guy group shot...these are guys Jordan plays basketball with at Immanuel.
And the girl group shot! So much fun!
On New Year's day we headed on over to Memphis for the Liberty Bowl on January 2nd! It was freezing, but we had so many layers on, we stayed pretty warm!
Wrapped up at the stadium! This is how I stayed most of the game!
My best friend Lauren and her husband Brett's seats were right next to ours, just by coincidence! I was so excited! When we took this pic we were trying to be like Tyra and "smile with our eyes" was too cold to unwrap!

I don't have a lot of firm resolutions, but here are a few goals for 2010:
~Jordan, my mom, and I will run the LR Half Marathon in March. We've already started training!
~Jordan plans to do a sprint triathlon this summer. If the half marathon goes well, I'd like to try the triathlon too!
~I also plan to become a doctor this year :)

On the note of becoming a doctor, later this week we'll head out for another tour of interviews in Birmingham, Augusta, and Charleston. It should be exciting and exhausting. I am so thankful that Jordan can go with me everywhere!

First Anniversary

On December 20th Jordan and I celebrated our first anniversary! It was very exciting! It has been a great year for us!

Here we are before we went to dinner that night...

Traditionally the first anniversary is "paper", and that's what Jordan got me. He presented me with two envelopes. In the first was a piece of paper telling me we were going to spend a night at Big Cedar Lodge in a cabin! I was SOOO excited! The next envelope had a picture of John Mayer in it...meaning we get to see John Mayer in Memphis this March! YEA!!!!

I wrapped Jordan's "paper" in a book. Inside the book was a gift certificate for a private golf lesson, complete with video analysis! Haha! He was excited!

We went to dinner at Bonefish (yum) and then to a movie. When we got home we had to eat our cake! Surprisingly, it was still pretty tasty! Jordan is already trying to eat it in this picture!
The next day we headed up to Big Cedar. I was so excited...I love that place! This is the view from the balcony of our cabin...
Since we were there during Christmas, the whole place was beautifully lit at night! Soooo pretty!

Pretty tree in the lodge!
It has been an exciting year!
~Jordan became the owner of Tropical Smoothie Cafe
~We got to go to Destin for Spring Break in March for TSC training
~I finished my 3rd year of medical school and decided I wanted to become a pediatrician
~I completed Step 2 of my medical boards successfully
~Jordan learned how to install laminate flooring and did an awesome job in our kitchen, and just last week in our bedroom too!
~We got a new car! Jordan knew I really wanted a black 4runner, and I finally got it!
~We laughed a lot and learned a lot. We always have such a good time together!!! Can't wait to see what's in store with us for MANY years to come!