Thursday, August 13, 2009

I know, I am a slacker...

So sorry! I know it is time for an update! There are so many things to blog about, so I'll try to give you a rundown and then post some pics later!

I started my Peds AI (acting internship) on August 2nd. It is really fun, and very helpful in letting me know a little bit what intern year will be like next year. I'm working with the Hematology Oncology (Team 5) team at ACH. There is one upper level resident (a 2nd year) and there are two interns plus me. Right now we have twelve patients on our service, and each of us "interns" have 4 patients. I go in each morning at 6:30 and get report on my 4 patients from the person who was on call overnight. Then I go to the floor and examine my patients, check their vitals, talk to their nurses, and write a progress note on them. We round with the attending at 9 AM each day. When we round we talk about things going on with the patients and work on our plans for them. Right now I have two sickle cell patients in for pain crisis, and two kids in for chemotherapy. After rounds we go write orders on the patients and then work on getting people discharged that need to go home. If there is an admission, one of the interns is asked to go do the history and physical on the new patient (usually in the ER or from Heme/Onc clinic).

Also during this month I am taking call "q4" (every 4th night) just like an intern. Luckily at ACH (and many children's hospitals) they have a night float system. This means that Sunday night-Thursday night, if you are on call, it is only until 8:00 PM, and then the person who is on nights that month takes over. If your call falls on Friday or Saturday night, you take overnight call. I had my first overnight call on Saturday night. It was an experience. What a strange feeling to be sleeping (yes I got a little) and then have a pager wake you up and have to run down to the ER to do an admission. I talked to some of the residents about it and they said it is not something you really get used to. The call went well. I did one admission for a skin infection (cellulitis) and one for sickle cell pain crisis.

That's the rundown on school. Craziness!

In other news...
-The first weekend of August we headed to the "Party on the Pottawattamie" with several friends. It was a blast, and my good friend Huck is now engaged! Congrats you guys!
-On Sunday after morning rounds we headed up to Greers Ferry for some fun at the lake, since I was off on Monday too. Nana and G rented a lake house and we got some good skiing in and had a great time. (Thanks Nana and G for getting the house and skiing us around the lake...loved it!).
-Jordan and I got our Razorback season tickets today! I am so pumped!!! Also, it looks like my next couple of rotations do not require me to work on the weekends, so we should make it to all the games! I can't wait!
-My good friend Terri's son Knox turned one month old on Monday. He is so precious and I love seeing all the great pics of him!
-Step 2 CS is August 27th.
-I've started working on my residency application. I hate that kind of stuff, but it's a necessary evil!

Sorry for the long update but it's been awhile. I'll post some pics of these recent happenings soon!

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