Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Such a slacker...

I know, I have really been slacking on blogging lately! I will try to be better! The problem is that really last month was kinda boring! Here's the short version:

I finished Allergy/Immunology near the end of September. I loved it. Then for the past four weeks I had to take a required rotation in surgical subspecialties (Orthopedic Surgery, Anesthesia, Urology, and ENT). Here are the highs and lows...

Orthopedic Surgery
Best: ACL repair surgery. I always thought this was a very simple surgery and was surprised at how complex the repair is!
Worst: The sound of the drills and saws they use. It gave me chills! Blah!

Urology (this was the worst week)
Best: I have to say it. If you watch Grey's Anatomy, a few weeks ago they had an episode where a man got, you guessed it, a penis implant! OMG! I guess this was the best just because I happened to see one get put in the very same week this showed up on Grey's. And really, how many people can say they've seen an implant quite like this?!?!
Worst: Prostate biopsy. Do I have to say much more?

Anesthesia (I actually really enjoyed this because I learned how to intubate better and also got to start IV's, plus I was back at ACH!)
Best: Putting in IV's!!! I got every one of mine on the first try! Haha I guess it helps when the patient is asleep and paralyzed on the OR table!!!
Worst: Waiting around during the surgeries. A little boring if you ask me!

ENT (Also did this at ACH, so it was very beneficial)
Best: Clinic. I have mentioned before that I really like clinic, and this was no exception. I got to look in lots of little ears!!!
Worst: The 10 million tonsillectomy and ear tube surgeries I saw! This is a very beneficial surgery for kiddos, but once you've seen one, you've seen them all!

For the next 4 weeks I will be doing an Infectious Disease rotation at ACH. It has proven to be interesting so far, and I think I will learn a lot. I hope I learn a lot, because so far I've had some VERY long days!!! I'm still enjoying it though, because I get to see the kids every day and I really am learning more about common (and uncommon!) pediatric illnesses and how to treat them best!

More soon!

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  1. Oh how I love your updates about your rotations! LOVE LOVE LOVE!