Sunday, February 21, 2010

Catching up...

This month I've been on my Peds Primary Care rotation. I spent one week in the ER at ACH, one week in the nursery at UAMS, a week in the Developmental Clinic and Adolescent Clinic, and this week I'll be in the GPC (General Peds Clinic). It's been a lot of fun. I was really glad to get to work in the ER because it can be a confusing place to be so I was glad I got the chance to see how it works.

On February 24th my rank list is due. I've already made it and submitted it, but it doesn't really count until 2/24. That's the same day the programs submit their rank lists. Then a big magical computer "matches" everyone who's applying to any residency in the country this year. Crazy! Hope there aren't any technical difficulties! Between Feb. 24th and March 15th everyone sits around biting their nails, hoping we've matched. Then on the 15th you find out IF you matched. IF you matched (and hopefully everyone does) you hang tight until March 18th. Then on March 18th, my entire medical school class gathers at West End in LR around lunchtime. Everyone's name is placed into a hat. When your name is drawn from the hat, you go up on the stage and open the envelope that says where you've matched! And hopefully it is your first choice! Isn't it wild? This whole process has resembled rush so much it's unbelievable. You just get a 4 month break between bid day and pledge year. ;)

More updates to come. Sorry I've been a slacker!

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