Friday, March 18, 2011

Something to Blog About...

Here we go again! We'll see if I can keep it up!

We got home from Winter Park, Colorado late last night. Such a fun trip! We went with my best friend Lauren and her husband Brett as well as Christopher Allen Scott Jaggars. It was my second time to snow ski and I am proud to say that I progressed from a "green-only pizza wedger" to a blue/green (still slow!) skier. We skied from the highest point accessible by lifts. Lauren and I also enjoyed lots of people watching, cookie/ice cream eating, and margarita drinking in the village while the boys tore up the powder on the top of the mountain! Here are a few fun pics from the week!

At Hernando's, the best pizza place ever in WP! Better make a reservation or you'll have to wait 2 hours!

BFF's! It was Lauren's Bday while we were there!
Group shot at the base of the mountain...
About half way up the mountain...look at that view!
And at the tip top!!!!


  1. so glad you're blogging, so i can stalk you and j.. for john of course :))

  2. Sure would have been fun to run into you while we were both there!!! Looks like ya'll had a GREAT trip! The weather was definitely perfect!

  3. We were at Winter Park the next week! Brad's parents have a house there!