Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our House...Before and After

A few weeks ago we had our house painted! Jordan bought this house in 2007 (if my memory is correct!) and since then it has undergone some drastic changes! We've painted the inside (in some rooms twice!), redone the floors in the kitchen and master bedroom, replaced the old deck with a bigger and nicer one, new appliances to the kitchen, painted kitchen cabinets...I'm sure there is more! But I think the latest project is definitely one of the best! As you can see in the before, we had a yellow-ish color, some lovely cedar shingles, and a green door. There used to be green shutters to match!

Painting day! One of our good friends recommended this painter to us and he did a super job! They finished painting our house in about nine hours! Amazing!

And here is the finished product! A nice, crisp white! Bright blue front door! New black shutters! And new lighting fixtures for the outside. Also notice the brick flower beds Jordan and Chris made for me so I could plant fun things!

What do you think of our Extreme Makeover?
We love it!!!


  1. So I had no clue you had a blog!! The house looks great! And also, congrats on your residency at ACH!! That is such a wonderful hospital and I'm sure a great place to work.

  2. It looks soo great! I'm loving the fun blue door!