Thursday, June 4, 2009

3 more weeks...

It's true. Three more weeks of surgery, and I cannot wait for it to be over. I'll say this: it's been better than I imagined it would be, but still no fun. I finished four weeks of surgical oncology last Friday, and now am in the middle of two weeks of reconstructive plastic surgery. I'll finish up the last two weeks with vascular surgery. Also in the last week of surgery we are required to take an oral exam as well as a national standardized exam. The oral exam consists of a surgical attending (top dog doctor) and a resident (surgeon in training, already an MD) who will test me over 4 surgical cases which are given to them in a sealed envelope (there is a list of 30 cases to choose from). Depending on which attending you get, this can range from mildly painful/intimidating to excruciatingly painful.

Today in plastics we had two clinics, one at UAMS and one at ACH (AR Children's Hospital). I was so excited to get to spend some time back over at Children's. Kids are so fun.

Jordan is really busy with the store, and loving it. Tonight they had a fundraiser for Immanuel Baptist Church, so they were really cranking out those smoothies! He's really excited to get to work with our friend Rebecca at Saline Memorial Hospital. If you are on Hwy 10, don't forget to drop by and see him!

Well, this is our blog. We thought it'd be fun to start one, especially with all that's going on with Jordan and the store and me with school. In the next year I will take Step 2 CK/CS (the second part of my medical boards), apply to residencies, MATCH!, and finally graduate! We wanted all of our friends and family to be in the loop with all of the craziness that will happen in the next year. Lots more to come! Oh, and for all the ladies out there, you have got to go purchase this:

It really gives great color and doesn't have that self-tanner smell that some of the other "gradual tanning" lotions have.
We'll try to be good bloggers and update often. Once I figure out how to hook my camera up to the computer, I'll show you all the cute patio chairs and table I just finished painting. I'm really proud of them! Have a fun weekend! I'm planning on getting lots o' sun and relaxing by the pool (after weekend rounds course)!


  1. hello lovies!!! i am so glad that you guys have a blog now!! i will make sure to check up on you through it!

    tell jordan that when i make a trip to LR at some point in the summer...he better have a delicious smoothie ready for me!!!

    love you!!!


  2. Glad you joined the blogging world! I happen to go to Tropical smoothie a couple of weeks ago and saw Jordan! I didn't think about it being the one he owned until he was making my smoothie. (It was great by the way!) Anyway, good to hear whats going on in your life!