Thursday, June 11, 2009

Study, Study

I got an email oral exam for surgery will be Friday, June 19th. Yikes! So, starting tomorrow, I have to do some serious studying! I'll have to make out my plan tonight. From what I hear, the doctor that will proctor my exam is one of the more intense ones, but we have no control over who we get, so I'll just study hard and see what happens!

This is my last week of plastics, and then I'll move on to vascular surgery next week. A few of the OR cases I have seen while on plastics:
breast augmentation (both cosmetic and reconstructive after breast cancer)
face lift
tummy tuck
many, many, scar revisions and wound closures
Overall I think it's been a good rotation. One funny story: At ACH (Children's) on Wednesday, we were putting the blood pressure cuff on a little girl before she went under anesthesia for a wound revision. A lot of times with kids they'll tell them the BP cuff is "testing their muscles" or silly things like "this will tell us how many boyfriends you have." That's what they told this little girl and she replied "I'm five--I don't have any boyfriends--I'M IN PRE-K!". She was so appalled at the thought of having a boyfriend!!!

Today Jordan got a phone call from a Channel 7 reporter. She wanted to interview him! She called at around 2:00 and wanted to interview him for the 5 o'clock newscast, so it all happened very quickly! The story was on local businesses who use Twitter to offer deals to the people who follow them on twitter. We watched at 5 and it was a really good segment. And of course Jordan was excited to get his 15 minutes of fame. :) This was a welcome treat for him today after he got a phone call from the store early this morning--the oven was not working, the AC was broken, and they were out of cups! He was not a happy camper, but being on the news turned things around! Look for him to be on Channel 7 again next Friday talking about National Flip Flop day.

Have a great weekend! Wish I could be here....
Sandals Grande, St. Lucia...we joked all week that was P. Diddy's yacht!

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  1. i am so glad that you love etsy!! now you can buy my frames there!! :) i hope you are doing well!! miss you!!!