Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home Improvements...

Last year on Thanksgiving weekend, we started a kitchen remodeling project. At that time we tore out a section of cabinets to open up the room, repainted all the cabinets white, and also repainted the walls. Since then, we have been looking for flooring for the kitchen. As you can see in this before photo, our old floor were linoleum and were in rough condition. A couple of weekends ago, we found new laminate flooring (at a very good price)!!! We were so excited! So, this week, Jordan, his brother Chad, and his friend Luke installed our new kitchen floors. Take a look...

This is the before photo...

Installing the first couple of rows! That blue stuff is the pad you put underneath the floor.
Looking good! Almost halfway finished!
And the finished product!!! I am amazed at the difference it makes. It really opened up our kitchen. They also installed these in the laundry room and it brightened things up in there too!
That was Jordan's exciting project of the week! I am soooo happy to finally have new floors! Now, on to the countertops next!!!

Have a great Monday! Tomorrow I register for my LAST YEAR OF MEDICAL SCHOOL! YEAH!!!

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