Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What a Weekend...

This weekend we packed up the car (with three sets of golf clubs!) and headed down to Texarkana for the wedding weekend of Drew Smith and Amanda Pruett. It was a fun weekend! The wedding was at First Baptist Church and the rehearsal dinner and reception were both held at the Texarkana Country Club. On Saturday all the guys headed out for golf, and I stayed at the hotel to study. Here are a few pics from the weekend!

Jordan and I at the reception.

And taking silly pictures as always!

Jordan with the groom.

On Friday night someone let us know that there is a new restaurant in Arkadelphia: Chicken Express! Jordan was so excited! So, on Sunday we made the stop in the delph to try it out! I have to admit, it was really good! Especially the sweet tea! Here is Jordan really excited he got some of that tea!

Of course while we were in Arkadoo we had to go by campus and check out the new construction. It is incredible! This first pic is of the new drive into campus "Ben and Betty Elrod Drive". It goes right by the softball field and comes up behind SPEC.

And these are the amazing new dorms! They are built in a huge circle that opens up towards the bridge over the ravine. Kinda makes you want to go back! Daniel is torn down now. I guess these will be finished before school starts in August. Aren't they awesome? We were so impressed!
And that was our weekend! Congratulations to the newly married couple!

Update on Step 2 Studying: It's going well. I've gone through my review book once now, my goal is to get through it 3 times before the test. I've done about 600 practice questions and still have 1800 left to go.

Have a great week!


  1. I wish those nice dorms had been there when we were there! That's our tuition money hard at work!Haha! Good luck studying!

  2. WHAT?!!?!? chicken express in arkadoo?!!?! are you SERIOUS?! why was none of this there when we were?! the sweet tea IS quite delish....

    the new dorms are GORGEOUS....my little brother just got his dorm assignment and found out that he is stuck in ernest bailey and is so mad!!!! :)

    love you and cant wait to see you soon!!!